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by John Piper

Audio Transcript

Romans 8:9 says, “Anyone who does not have the Spirit of Christ does not belong to him.” Period. If you don’t have the Spirit you’re not a believer. But, that’s true of faith as well. You don’t have faith, you’re not a believer. Jesus said, “Oh, you of little faith.” So even though the Holy Spirit is not in parts, in pieces — like I’ve got four and you’ve got six pieces of the Spirit. Even though the Spirit doesn’t come in pieces, the experience of him does. It’s partial. It’s always partial in this life even when it’s experienced as fullness.

“Don’t quench the Spirit and don’t grieve him because he wants to come in fullness.”

But Paul does say in Ephesians 5:18, “Don’t get drunk with wine for that is debauchery. Be filled with the Spirit.” He says that presumably because we’re not usually. Be filled. Be filled Bethlehem Conference for Pastors. “Be filled with the Holy Spirit” is the command that flows out over you in this conference. Be filled with the Holy Spirit. Seek this. Seek this. Be filled with the Spirit.

He doesn’t come in pieces but your experience of him comes fragmented and you want all the fragments to be gathered into one big complete fullness. That’s what Paul wants for you: that all the Spirit can be for you he is for you. You seek it. Don’t quench it, don’t grieve it. It? The experience. Don’t quench him and don’t grieve him for he wants to come in fullness.

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