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The renowned Christian music minister, worship leader, a composer from the Republic of Congo “ Dena Mwana” is here with a song that is set to bless the lives of Christians titled “Saint Esprit“.

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Quand il descend (When He descends)
Oui tout s’arrête (Everything stops)
Il y a transfert (And there is a transfer)
Entre ciel et terre (Between the Heavens and the earth)
Quand il descend (When He descends)
L’atmosphère change (The atmosphere changes)
Il y a transfert (There is a transfer)
Entre ciel et terre (Between the Heavens and the earth)

Le Saint Esprit est là ah, ah x4
(The Holy Spirit is in this place)

Les maladies s’enfuient (Diseases flee)
Les aveugles voient (The blind see)
Les paralytiques sautent de joie (The paralyzed jump for joy)
Les stériles enfantent (The barren give birth)
Les sourds entendent (The deaf hear)
Par Puissance, par Puissance (By His Power, By His Power)


Par puissance, Il transforme (By His Power, He transforms)
Par puissance, Il guérit (By His power, He cures)
Par puissance, Il renouvelle (By His Power, He renews)
Par puissance, Il agit (By His Power, He acts)



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