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Lyrics: Unstoppable (Do It Again) by Angie Rose & Limoblaze

Hit em up tell em it’s time we take it global
Limo blaze and sent the vocals
Been envisioned my circle inside the oval
Drop the pin I’m in it’s all local

Riding with The Spirit and I’m making it plane
Couldn’t make sense so We making a change
Got the water now We making it
Holy fire We making them flames

Young Moses we chosen we float in the ocean
When the water ain’t part we dove in
All knowing Yahweh all day
Heaven bound and I’m on my way
Ain’t no man ain’t ever taking my faith
Gold heart don’t come with no
I’m down to give it all for Yahweh

I’ma say it one more time I’m not gone stop eh ah eh oh
I’ma say it one more time I’m not gone stop eh ah eh oh
Got me feeling unstoppable unstoppable
Feeling unstoppable unstoppable
Feeling unstoppable like I can’t lose now

Ohh jango jango
You know how it goes
African Church boy
I got the flow
Me when I hold on
No letting go
All of my peeps know I been on the row

Omo ko danu ko danu
I’m unstoppable unstoppable
If they want stop me
Want stop me
Omo them go need to stop my

Quiero vivir where the son be
Lately been shining like sun beams
I don’t know limits
I go out and get it
Yea that’s the only

Way I’ve been
But really ain’t new
Ask about it
Yea they know in the
I know The Creator
Don’t imitate you
It irritates few
Can’t stop how we move

Really what’s a ceiling
I ain’t got that in me
Cause see the sun
He Hold me down
Ain’t gotta see gravity
That’s faith without sight
My angels
On site
That’s in spite
I soar
I take flight

Yea uh uh
Feeling unstoppable
We beat the odds
What you call that
Yea it’s looking insane
The queens is gon reign
Ain’t do this in vain
We repping Yahweh

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