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Md Levrone Report E15 How I Trained

by Holy Angel
My Dcc Story Iii (maintaining A Vibrant Relationship With God)

02:13 Kevin’s training philosophy – he started off as a powerlifter
4:40 Getting ripped while eating 7/11 convenience store food
5:40 Kevin’s chest workout outlined
7:30 His body responded best to sets of 4-6 reps, he would only do 12-15 reps in final month before a show
8:12 Squats – 315 was first warmup set, final set would be 500 x 20
10:30 Kevin’s longtime training partner Scott Raynor joins the discussion
12:00 Leg pressing 1,440 in plates for 30 reps
13:27 Training split outlined
14:34 A typical back workout from back in the day
17:12 Why Kevin relied on Scott in final weeks of prep
19:26 Kevin’s best-ever condition was the 1992 Night of Champions
25:00 The Euro grand prix tours – often 7 shows in 3 weeks
27:20 Kevin could go without food or water on tour, the other guys couldn’t
32:50 Kevin stopped training year-round after his pec tear
34:00 Taking extensive time off training would not be good for most bodybuilders
37:45 Training year-round might have gained Kevin a Mr. Olympia title, but he would have destroyed his body
39:40 Kevin’s training was always ‘all or nothing,’ there were never any light days
41:21 You have to be willing to take it to the limit – a great training partner is essential

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