DOWNLOAD: River Valley Worship – Have Your Way [Mp3 & Lyrics]

Have Your Way by River Valley Worship [MP3 DOWNLOAD]

A renowned American contemporary music team formed from the  River Valley Church. It is by Lead Worship Pastor, Ryan Williams, and other River Valley Church  Worship team. This song is titled “HAVE YOUR WAY” from their 2020 album titled “ALTARS”.

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Lyrics: Have Your Way by

When I can’t seem to trace out your plan
When my lines aren’t conforming
God I know that you’re for me
And forming my heart

When you call me beyond what I see
When it feels overwhelming
God I know that your with me
Lifting my eyes

You lift my eyes

Have your way
On my knees I’m singing
Have your way
When all is taken from me
Have your way
Completely in this heart abandoned

God I know that you’re through fire
Even when I’m surrounded
It’s your love that I’m found in
Standing my ground

Till I see what my faith knows is true
You’re my peace in the waiting
You’re my rock that’s unfailing
God of Heaven we sing

Have your way
Head held high, hands lifted
Have your way
There’s nothing wasted
when you have your way
Completely in this heart abandoned

If you lived your life surrendered
I’ll live the same
Come what may I will follow
All for your glory
Cause you have my heart forever
I’ll live to bring your praise
Nothing can stand against
The power of your Name

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