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The American  recording artist, singer-songwriter and  producer “Kortney Jamaal Pollard“, who is a prolific singer and widely known as “ Mali Music” and has a lot of lives changing songs with awards. Here’s a song from Him titled “Apologize“ featuring Deanna Dixon .

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Lyrics for “Apologize” by

You know I apolo…
You know I apologize
I apologize
Hear me
After I apologize
I’ma put my weight aside
I don’t really wanna fight with you
I know I was wrong and I
Won’t be hard on myself
Won’t act like I can’t get on
I won’t lose sight of myself
So, I know I’ma make it home
After I apologize

I’ll do anything
No, I ain’t anxious but I’m here for it
Can’t be anything
No, I ain’t able it’s just me Lord
Put it in the bank
‘Cause I ain’t keepin’ it on me, no
But I’ll do anything
To get that up on me Lord
Put it in my hands
I’ll give it back to you, you’ll see Lord
Put it in a man
I’m here before you like, “Choose me, Lord”
Enemy they throwing hands
I turn the cheek they bruising me Lord
Long as when you come down
To worship seek you look for me Lord
Will you look for me Lord?

Man, I really hate when I act that way
Man, I want things perfect when you already are
Already far
I’m waiting for Lyfts, Lord, when you come in a car?
Not at the bar
You made the sun and the moon, that’s the number one star
I know who you are
And I’ma talk about you like you’re here ’cause you are
You’re never far
Take my dignity
Yeah, it’s black and it’s charred
And you’re worthy, I apologize

Now that you’ve apologized
You could put that weight aside (Weight aside)
I don’t really wanna fight with you
Everyone does wrong sometimes
Don’t be hard on myself
Don’t act like you can’t get on
Don’t lose sight of myself
(Ooh) I know I’ma make it home (Make it home)
After I apologize

I wanna say something, wanna say something to ya (Wanna say something)
I know I ain’t running, I feel like coming to ya
I need you to do your thing
I need you to send your
No, I wanna say something, wanna say something to ya

I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you

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