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A powerful song which was written by Sarah Kroger, Travis Ryan, Jessie Early. is a gifted young singer-songwriter who has long been involved in  music ministry and Catholic service, who also has two impressive solo albums drops a song of worship, as she titles this song “A Thousand Thank Yous“.

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How rare, the riches of Your glory
How deep, the Father’s loving heart
How vast, the reaches of Your mercy
Stretching wider and further than the stars

More than a million words could say
A thousand thank You’s, a fountain of praise
With every breath of all of our days
Jesus, You’re worthy of all of our praise
All of our praise

How wild, beyond imagination
How kind, the nature of Your heart
How extravagant, the beauty of Your splendor
We stand in awe of who You are

All of the glory, all of
Belongs to You, belongs to You

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