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by John Piper
Do You Know Where You Are?

Audio Transcript

Paul said Christ is magnified not instead of Paul’s being satisfied, but by means of his being satisfied in Christ. Do you believe that? He did not say Christ will be magnified instead of Paul being satisfied in his death. He said Christ will be magnified through — by means of — Paul counting him gain when everything is loss.

“Stick deceitful desires with the sword of the Spirit every single day.”

In other words, more satisfied in Christ than anything. If you believe that, you’re a Christian Hedonist. You don’t have to use the phrase. If you don’t like the phrase, forget the phrase. Be the reality. God is — Christ is — most magnified and most glorified in you when in life and death you are most satisfied in him, ergo, therefore, 24-7 — the rest of your life — you’re on a quest to be satisfied in Christ.

Your heart is very sinful, very deceptive, and it will trick you over and over again into thinking this TV show, or this pursuit of fame, or this perfect family, or this money will be more satisfying than Christ. Therefore, if you believe what I just said, you will now be on a lifelong warfare to kill that over and over again — to take the sword of the Spirit and stick it. Every day, that’s what life is: killing suicidal, deceitful desires that tell you this world is more satisfying than Jesus. You got to stick it with the sword every single day.

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